Monthly Archives: January 2010

My Morning Success Routine

Each and every morning, I follow a routine that is essential to my personal and business success.
For years my day would start by getting up as early as possible, rushing to get ready for work, and heading out the door as fast as possible, all with the aim of getting busy as fast as possible….

Get the Right 5 Things Done Today

Like everyone else, I suffer from having tons of conflicting priorities and many days it seems like my systems for keeping me focused on my top priorities aren’t working. Off and on, I have used systems like Get Things Done , by David Allen (too complicated for me personally),  The Power of Less by Leo…

How to Get Up Early

If you want to get more done, try getting up earlier.
Throughout my life I have gone back and forth through phases of being able to consistently get up early and then going weeks of sleeping through my alarms (even if I set multiple alarms). During the cycles when I wasn’t able to get up early,…

How to Do Yoga Every Day

Yoga has many benefits, from increasing flexibility and blood flow, to relaxing the body and mind. It is useful if you play sports as it will help you recover faster from tough workouts and will help prevent injuries. Many times while playing hockey, I had my flexibility to thank for avoiding injuries on awkward falls….

Why I Chose to Become a Vegan

In December 2008 I became a Vegan.  Many who heard about my diet were, and still are, confused about what it means to be vegan why I chose to live this way.
First of all, being a vegan means eating diet consisting exclusively of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and seeds, or more simply, not eating anything…

Put Your Photos on Canvas

Last Christmas, I had some family photos printed onto canvas as a gift for my wife and family. I bought them form CanvasPop, a company spun out of dna11 (also a very cool business) and started by my old friend, and former business partner at Ventrada, Adrian Salamunovic.
If you are looking to showcase some of…

Why I Became a Vegetarian

It was January 2005. I had just watched Supersize Me, the well known movie by Morgan Spurlock in which he eats nothing but foods McDonalds for 30 days straight…and appears to get quite unwell. The movie wasn’t that eye opening to me. You eat a lot of  food with little nutrition and lots of chemicals,…

150 Days of Meditation

This week marked my 150th straight day of meditating. Each morning before my day gets rolling, I meditate for about 25 minutes.
I have always liked the notion of meditating and have meditated several times and enjoyed the peace and clarity it brought, but never was able to do it regularly. Then late last summer, a…

Book Review: Crush It!

Just listened to the audio version of Gary Vaynerchuk’s book Crush It! I have to admit, when someone first pointed me to Vaynerchuk’s popular live cold call video, I thought he was a bit rough and thought OK, sure he is a confident, fast talker. So what? But I couldn’t deny his ability to build…