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Thinking Stones

Last Christmas my wife gave me a wonderful collection of stones inscribed with sayings we use in our house and things that matter to us. Sometimes I place them on a table and let ideas come to mind and I call them my thinking stones, because looking at them always get me thinking about how…

Wear Sunscreen

I am not sure how much I love this, but it’s definitely a lot.

12 Symptoms of Inner Peace

My good friend Debi is the source of much positive energy and light. She regularly sends emails with powerful messages including this one which I thought I would share.
12 Symptoms of Inner Peace
~ Saskia Davis
1. An increasing tendency to let things happen rather than make them happen.
2. An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment.
3. A…


In the book Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude (which I just finished btw and highly recommend), the author Napoleon Hill refers to an article he once wrote, entitled “Contentment” which includes the following passage:
The richest man in the world lives in Happy Valley.
He is rich in values that endure, in things he cannot lose.

One Year Without Coffee

Almost forgot to celebrate yesterday was my one year anniversary of quitting coffee. Actually I forgot because I don’t think about coffee anymore. The first year was pretty easy and I see no reason to start drinking it again. I don’t need the caffeine and although it tastes and smells great, it does more hard…

Sage Words from a Parent

A friend of mine, Alfredo, posted this to his facebook and I couldn’t agree more.

Eleven years of parenting has taught me at least four things that every child does NOT need in their lives (in no particular order): 1. Networked TV; 2. Packaged food of any kind (except pasta of course); 3. Suburbia; and 4….