21 Days Without Grains

It has now been three weeks since I had any grains in my diet (except for a very small amount of rice protein in my protein shakes).

I still can’t say I notice any difference versus how I felt while I was consuming grains and I still crave bread and oatmeal.

One neat thing now that I am eating more veggies than ever is that because of the restricted range of foods I am eating, I am finding new ways to enjoy basic foods. This week I have been snacking on celery with peanut butter and a breakfast meal of hemp hearts plus almond butter and almond milk. I have also been enjoying hummus and balsamic vinegar mixed with plain coleslaw (invented by accident when two adjacent portions on my plate mixed).

My weight dipped slightly below 160 lbs for the first time in a few years and I remain convinced that eliminating meat, dairy, and grains is a great way to reduce your weight, espcially if you are eating other foods that ensure you get a full range of essential nutrients. Weight loss is not a primary objective of mine at the moment, but being lean is critical for long term health and vitality.

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    May 16, 2010 | 11:04

    […] Eliot, Sage, Jazz and I ate this straight from the bowl, served with some hearty grainy bread.  No bread for Eliot as he is still on his 30 day trial of no grains.  I tried to keep up with him but its hard, really hard.  I lost 3 lbs by eliminating grains for 2 weeks but have recently added them back to my diet but I am eating about 50% less grains than I would normally and this seems to work well.  The biggest thing I noticed was that during this trial, I never had a full, bloaty feeling like I do when I eat bread.  So, I am going to try and keep my grains limited to rice, quinoa, oats and just very small quantities of wheat products (have them on weekends for a treat!).  If you’re interested in what Eliot has to say, best to check out this post http://eliotburdett.com/21-days-without-grains/. […]

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