A Delicious Smoothie

Want to get a whole load of good nutrients in one tasty drink? The mud smoothie is an ideal alternative breakfast or snack and is easy to make (I will explain the mud part in a second).

You will need a blender and the following ingredients:
– cup of baby spinach
– half cup of strawberries
– half cup of blueberries
– half cup of raspberries
– 1 banana
– 1 apple cored with skin left on
– 2 cups almond or rice milk

Put all the solid ingredients in first, then the liquids – make sure there is enough liquid to cover the fruit so the blades work properly – and let ‘er rip.

We have a Vita-Mix which effectively vaporizes all the ingredients, but most blenders will mix this up well if you leave it on high for a couple of minutes.

You can also add protein powder or any other fruit you find in the fridge. I have added kiwi, carrots and or cranberries and it always works, but if you prefer a simpler taste just cut ingredients and have a berry-banana or berry-apple smoothie.

Add water if you like it to be more thin or ice if you prefer it colder. Frozen berries are fine and work instead of ice for a cold smoothie.

It is called the Mud Smoothie because it turns brown when you mix blueberries and spinach (I am sure putting bananas in there helps too).  This is my first meal every Saturday and Sunday. Awesome way to start the day.

Ps- Smoothie or smoothy? I really don’t know but it always tastes the same.

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