Achieving Goals and How I Keep on Track

achieving big goals

We are six weeks into the year and I hope you are doing well on your goals. By this point in the year it is not uncommon for people to think “hey I set goals, I wonder what they were again?” – I certainly used to do this before I learned how to set meaningful goals and track them.

People often ask me how I track progress against my goals and make sure I achieve them.

With 65 goals this year (actually it was 64 – see How I set Goals, but I realized I needed to add one more in January), a big danger for me is lack of focus and getting off track, but I have an awesome system for making sure I achieve my goals.

After I create my goals wheel at the beginning of the new year, I take all the goals and put them into list format using Gmail Tasks. Then I take the goals and prioritize them. This is a key step as it allows me to attack a few goals, get them done and move on rather than risk that I do a little on all them and not achieve any. You can prioritize by date or by using a numbering system (I do it by date as some goals and tasks have deadlines). Either will work, just make sure to select no more than 3 or 5 goals which will be top priorities upon which you will focus.



On my iPhone I use an app called GeeTasksPro for tracking my daily actions and tasks. Unlike most iPhone to-do apps, GeeTasksPro is pretty simple – allows me to quickly enter tasks, sort them several ways and check off the ones that are done (as a former paper list guy, being able to see things scratched off my list is a feel good thing for me).

I take the top goals on my list and put them into my regular action list so that they are mixed in with the things I need to get done on any particular day. This keeps them front and center.

Once a month, I check back at my overall goal list, check off the ones that are completed and add new ones to my daily goals if I have achieved my top 3 or 5.

Using this system, I am both focused on the little stuff that has to get done each week or day (ie. paying bills, which is not a goal but has to get done) and my annual goals.

Good luck with yours!


Life is Good!

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