The Art of Mystery Dating – new book now available

MysteryDatingCoverFinally my wife Chay and I have finished a little side project we have been working on for a couple of years. The Art of Mystery Dating, is a book about a fun tradition we have of surprising each other on dates. In the book we talk about why we started doing these, why they are so much fun for couples and lovers, how to arrange Mystery Dates and provide more than 100 ideas for you to try. We also talk about why it is so important for couples to make time for each other in order to have healthy strong marriages and relationships.

This is a book for men and women who want to invest in making their relationships stronger and have fun doing it.

It is now available on Amazon. We hope you enjoy it.

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Here’s what my wife Chay had to say about Mystery Dates:

In my circle of friends, it is mostly the women that plan and set up date night for their husbands or they are the social engineers of the household. A few years back, my husband Eliot took me on my very first Mystery Date. I can still remember it like it was yesterday. He planned out everything from getting a babysitter to making every last arrangement and all I had to do was pack. Prior to that date, I organized our dating calendar, made sure everything was in place and all he had to do was show up — and in fact we weren’t really even doing a lot of that. We had a great conversation and I told him what my Mom had told me – if we take good care, actually excellent care of our relationship then everything else falls into place – raising our children, our finances, major decisions etc. It was a real mind shift to move from ‘children come first’ to ‘if we take care of our relationship first – our children will witness first hand what a loving relationship does, hence putting them first as well.

Shortly after that conversation, my husband decided to plan, organize and execute our very first Mystery Date. I had no idea what was going to happen but the amount of laughter that occurred was crazy fun during our date. I told all my girlfriend’s husbands – take your wife on a Mystery Date – she will love it!

The book is all about how to introduce elements of surprise or novelty into a date night. It can be a simple and inexpensive or lavish and grand. The book takes under 2 hours to read and is a light fun read – my husband wrote it and I inserted my own comments in terms of how the Mystery Dates went down.

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