Bedtime Now

Thought I’d share the bedtime fun I had with my four year old this evening. All my years of good intentions, structure, discipline virtually out the window….

Jazz: (whispering) daddy.
Me: Yes
Jazz: (whispering) I need someping
Me: you have to go to sleep sweety
(…wondering what could she could possibly need since she has been lying in the dark for 45 mins while I try to get her to go to sleep and she has all her toys and has already had a drink)
Jazz: but I need someping really important
Me: ok what?
Jazz: I need my chap stick
Me: ….not right now dear (thinking chap stick??)
Jazz: but I need it
Me: in the morning, it’s sleepy time now
Jazz: but I need it, I really do
Me: I don’t know where it is, so go to sleep, we’ll get it in the morning
Jazz: we have to find it
Me: we’ll find it in the morning
Jazz: no now
Me: ….ok will you go to sleep if I get it?
Jazz: yes
Me: alright, I’ll get it, where do you think it is?
Jazz: I think the kitchen
Me: stay here and don’t move (I fetch said critical chap stick)
Jazz: you found it! thanks daddy I love you, you’re the best daddy ever
Me: (aww jeeeeez, big smile) I love you too. Now go to sleep please
Jazz: ok

I realize she is training me for something – not sure what. How are they so clever at such a young age??

Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow.



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