Being Good is Great

We are all told to chase greatness. We are bombarded by advice on how to get to the top, to make an indelible mark, and to be all you can be. There is nothing wrong with striving to be better but there is an awful lot of pressure to be some kind of amazing.

You define what is great for you.

You don’t have to win a race, climb a mountain, write a best seller, build a big company to be great or even cure cancer for that matter. These achievements are all impressive, but they matter most to the people that achieve them and frankly by some measures they aren’t even that impressive – for example would it be more impressive to build a big company or cure cancer?

Greatness is relative. It is what you define as great. In my experience and most humble opinion, you don’t even have to be great to be great.

You can achieve greatness simply by being a good person consistently.

You leave an indelible mark by helping others as much as you can, by making others smile or simply practicing reduce, reuse, recycle and leaving a small footprint on our earth.

You can be a parent who is always present with your kids and who is a strong role model. That is beyond great in my books.

You can be a source of positive energy however that manifests itself even in the smallest ways.

Sometimes it is the most mundane things. You decide what is great to you. To me, simply living a positive life is great.

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