Blueprint for Living Longer

Want to live past a hundred years old? According to Dan Buettner, the author of “The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who’ve Lived the Longest” you need to forego pills, diets, lanmowers, dishwashers, elevators, and processed foods.

You need to eat tons of fruits and veggies, meditate, do work by hand, climb stairs regularly, grow your own veggies, cook your own food, stay close to loved ones, feel love and give love, and live for a purpose.

Buettner is a researcher, explorer, bestselling author, Guiness record holder (endurance cycling) and Emmy Award winner for his documentaries. During his early expeditions, he became interested in longevity and has now spent years researching different cultures around the world and their associated life expectancies.

His research indicates that genes account for about 30% of longevity, while lifestyle accounts for the balance. Longer living cultures eat better, stay more fit, socialize better, and relax better. They experience the same stresses we do — kids, health, finances — but they manage through daily prayer, meditation, ancestor veneration or city-wide happy hours (like the Sardinians).

Here is a CNN special on him.

There is also a text version of his research here:

His official web site is linked below. Do the Vitality Compass at this site to see your projected life expectancy based on his research and what improvements you can make to live longer:

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