Breaking the Caffeine Abstinence

CoffeeThis winter, after 4 1/2 years without caffeine I broke my abstinence by having coffee, chocolate and green tea.

It all happened one morning when my wife was enjoying her morning coffee as she does every morning and as always it smelled so good but this time, I finally felt the urge to have some myself.  I figured one cup wasn’t going to change my life. I also had been thinking that the benefits of the antioxidants in chocolate and green tea might be worth any downsides of a small amount of caffeine. So if I was going to allow a little caffeine in my life, then why not enjoy some coffee.

Everything in balance is OK right?

I was expecting to find myself wound up tighter than a banjo string, but I didn’t really notice much difference from the caffeine. I did find the coffee extremely rich after drinking herbal teas as my only hot drink for years and quite heavy in my stomach so I can only tolerate one cup a day in the am (versus the 5-6 or more a day, back when I stopped drinking it). I still enjoy herbal tea in the afternoon and evening and green tea every now and then as a warm drink following coffee. 

I don’t feel like I am suffering, so its all good. 🙂


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