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Backyard Organic Veggie Farm – Lessons Learned in Our Second Season

A couple of years ago, we set up a veggie farm in our backyard (see The Wonder Garden – Lessons and Fun with Our Organic Home Vegetable Garden) and last year was our second year of home farming. Now it is almost spring again and the new growing season is nearly upon us, so I…

Breaking the Caffeine Abstinence

This winter, after 4 1/2 years without caffeine I broke my abstinence by having coffee, chocolate and green tea.
It all happened one morning when my wife was enjoying her morning coffee as she does every morning and as always it smelled so good but this time, I finally felt the urge to have some myself.  I…

How to live a long life

Eat clean whole foods.
Activate the mind and body.
Provide service.
Be courageous.
Be present.
Be thankful.
Its that simple. 🙂

Diet Mistakes

Do you beat yourself up over consuming something that you said you wouldn’t eat? I haven’t drank coffee in a couple of years to avoid caffeine and inadvertently just ate a raw bar that had cocoa in it, which means I just got a dose of caffeine. I thought it was a berry bar and…

Green with Frenzy

Going Green - via

My latest personal challenge involves reducing my footprint on the earth and helping to preserve the planet. There are a lot of good things that I do when it comes to protecting the environment, but there is a lot more I can be doing. I endeavor to consume only what I need, re-using where possible…

Greatest Lessons Learned in 2010

Life lessons learned in 2010 - life by design

2010 – What a great year! One the eve of the new year and having just finishing my goals for 2011 (will post on this shortly) I thought I would share some of my biggest lessons from this past year.
Everything good starts with meditation – There were a lot of great days this year…

Vital Signs 2010

Had my annual physical last week and everything is good. Resting heart rate in the low 60’s, blood pressure normal, b-12 very high (3x normal levels – I guess supplements are working!), iron and insulin levels normal, and cholesterol levels low (and unchanged in 20 years, so obviously cutting meat and dairy had no impact…

One Year Without Coffee

Almost forgot to celebrate yesterday was my one year anniversary of quitting coffee. Actually I forgot because I don’t think about coffee anymore. The first year was pretty easy and I see no reason to start drinking it again. I don’t need the caffeine and although it tastes and smells great, it does more hard…

7 Days Without Grains

Last week I started my latest clean living experiment (A Vegan Take on the Paleo Diet), going without grains for 30 days. Now after 7 days, I have some observations to share.
1. My meals, especially at work, are simple things like cabbage or spinach salad with oil and balsamic vinegar, hummus and cut veggies (tomatoes,…

A Vegan Take on the Paleo Diet and My Latest Experiment in Clean Living

After stumbling across some online posts from folks who were raving about the Paleolithic diet, I decided to see what all the fuss was about and it led me to a new eating experiment for myself.
The Paleolithic diet, as its name suggests, is a eating regimen based on the presumed diet consumed during the Paleolithic…