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Nutrition – In the Raw

My good friend and life mentor, Aaron Ross, recently spent a week at a raw food nutrition retreat. Here he writes about how it impacted his health (he experienced immediate results) and also has a video interview with a woman who’s beating stage 4 cancer through nutrition and mental practices. Can I get an Amen…

Vital Signs 2010

Had my annual physical last week and everything is good. Resting heart rate in the low 60’s, blood pressure normal, b-12 very high (3x normal levels – I guess supplements are working!), iron and insulin levels normal, and cholesterol levels low (and unchanged in 20 years, so obviously cutting meat and dairy had no impact…

These Little Tactics Will Help Get Your Kids to Eat Well

Getting kids to eat well is one of the toughest challenges facing a parent. Our kids eat pretty healthy, but like most children, they prefer treats over nutrition, turn their noses at many good foods and sometime show up at the table and refuse to eat the food they liked a day earlier.
Over the…

Are You Falling for These Health Food Label Tricks?

Learning how to read food labels is one of the most important skills to possess if you are going to eat well. When I first started learning about nutrition many years ago, I was doing triathlons and my primary concern was eating plenty of carbohydrates, particularly complex carbs (or lower glycemic carbs as they are…

The Berry Bomb Vegan Smoothie!

Yesterday morning I whipped up a vegan, berry spinach smoothie and thought I would video my creation and share it here.

Here is my “recipe” and list of the ingredients:

a couple of handfuls of blueberries (frozen and fresh)
handful of strawberries
one whole apple
a few handfuls of baby spinach (add to taste, it gets…

Are Our Kids Vegan?

This is a question I get a lot. Are my kids vegan. The answer is simple, but first let me explain my own choice.
I became a vegan primarily for health reasons. I researched the benefits and risks of both traditional and vegan diets and I sorted through all the piles of conflicting science, advice and…

Vegan and Vegetarian FAQ

I just posted my uber list of links and references that I collected when I was choosing to become a vegetarian. It is organized into Frequently Asked Questions and as much as possible, I have tried to include arguments for both sides of the eat meat, don’t eat meat debate and included links to research….

Where Does Your Meat Come From?

The fact of the matter is you probably don’t know. Most people buy their meat at the grocery store and haven’t visited the farm where their meat was raised. Why does it matter you ask….
Well I just received a link to a horrific video from an Ohio farm where livestock are treated brutally (link to…

Grains Free Diet Day 29 – The End

So yesterday was the 30th day of my grain free diet experiment. I had fully intended to put a little grain back in my diet once the 30 days was over, but now I am rethinking what I will do with grains moving forward. I’ll tell you why.
To continue reading this article, click here >>…

Fitness Myths and Bad Advice

Everyone likes to give advice from food to diet to business to financial and a lot of it is sketchy, but sometimes I wonder if any area of life has more myths than health and fitness.
People share fitness advice they read or were told by their favorite trainers, but much of it is patently wrong,…