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Dream Big

This blog has lots of posts about the power of positive thoughts. Experience teaches us that good thoughts lead to good things and the things we focus on tend to manifest themselves. This has certainly been the experience amongst my most successful friends, mentors and idols who all agree that visualizing big successes was a…

Aristotle’s Wisdom

Aristotle was a Greek philosopher born in 384 BC. He lectured on a broad range of topics and shared much wisdom in his 62 year life.
Some of my favorite Aristotle quotes:
The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a…

The Art of Mystery Dating – new book now available

Finally my wife Chay and I have finished a little side project we have been working on for a couple of years. The Art of Mystery Dating, is a book about a fun tradition we have of surprising each other on dates. In the book we talk about why we started doing these, why they are so much…

Never Give Up

“Thomas Edison dreamed of a lamp that could be operated by electricity, began where he stood to put his dream into action, and despite more than ten thousand failures, he stood by that dream until he made it a physical reality. Practical dreamers do not quit.” ~ Napoleon Hill
As a kid I was taught the…

Opportunity looks a lot like hard work

Movie and pop idol, Ashton Kutcher, made these comments at a teen awards ceremony recently:
I believe that opportunity looks a lot like hard work. When I was 13 I had my first job with my dad carrying shingles up to the roof. And then I got a job washing dishes at a restaurant….

Being Good is Great

We are all told to chase greatness. We are bombarded by advice on how to get to the top, to make an indelible mark, and to be all you can be. There is nothing wrong with striving to be better but there is an awful lot of pressure to be some kind of amazing.

Take Three Deep Breaths

Last year I accidentally hired a meditation coach. Seriously…. I went looking for a business coach who could help me with a specific business challenge I was experiencing and wound up engaging someone who teaches meditation.
Here’s how it happened. I combed the Internet until I found one with the background I was looking for…

There are no good or bad events

All the events in our lives trigger good and bad emotions, but it is worth considering that the idea of good and bad events only exist in our mind.
An event is only good or bad once we assign to it a positive or negative emotion and furthermore every event can be both good and…

Write it Down and Get it Done

Everyone makes list. Shopping lists. New Year’s resolutions. Priorities.
Lists are a powerful tool for getting things done and I confess that I have always been a bit of an obsessive list maker. I have to do lists, not to do lists, and tracking lists. I have so many lists I sometimes feel like I…

Most Popular Posts of 2012

Looking back at this blog’s stats for most read posts in 2012 shows my original vegan-paleo post is at the top of the list for the third year in a row. Obviously there is still a lot of interest in modifying the paleo program.
Here are the other posts in the top 10 for 2012:

A Vegan…