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What Is and the Search for Answers

Many of us are seekers, looking for answers, searching for the truth, trying to understand why things happen and what is our purpose.
We struggle with these questions sometimes becoming frustrated and unhappy in the process.
But what if there were no answers? What if our whole life was one big image perceived by our eyes and…

Kill Your Cable – It Will Change Your Life

This past spring we cut our cable TV service, like many people have, to avoid paying the high cost of service plus equipment rental, but it has turned out to be a great decision for so many other reasons beside costs savings. Here’s why.
Less Couch Potato-ing. – Studies have shown that when…

What do you want?

Beautiful lecture by the late Alan Watts on the importance of pursuing your dreams.

The Journey is the Destination

I’ve learned that everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while climbing it. – Andy Rooney
We are always going somewhere, but that somewhere isn’t here yet and in the meantime, life goes by. Thats a lot of precious time to let slip by without enjoying it…

Jewish Food for Thought

Found an amusing set of animations via my buddy Sean Malone who sent a link to these videos.
On Gratitude:

On Love:


Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling. ~ Margaret Lee Runbeck

Moral Schizophrenia

Inspired by the post Double (Cheeseburger) Standard, I realized we are all, at one time or another, guilty of Moral Schizophrenia (when one promotes a certain set of moral values, but acts in way that conflicts with these values). Using vegcomic’s example, one would be morally schizophrenic if they loved animals and decried animal abuse,…

What You Control

We don’t always control what goes on around us, but we can control what goes on inside us. No matter your predicament, we can always choose to be discplined with our thoughts.
Karma is what governs life. Mantra is what corrects it. ~ Sri Siva
Whatever the event, we can choose to react this way or…

How to live a long life

Eat clean whole foods.
Activate the mind and body.
Provide service.
Be courageous.
Be present.
Be thankful.
Its that simple.


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