Checking in on where you are at – Revisiting your Goals


Six full months of the year have now passed and if you haven’t done so already, this is a great time to review your progress to the goals you set at the beginning the year. Earlier I shared How I Set Goals and How I Keep on Track with My Goals.

I regularly look through my list of goals to see how I am doing, what changes I need to make and to make sure I am focussed on my top three goals. At this point in the year I am usually about half way through my list of smaller goals and knee deep in achieving my bigger goals. Now that a good chunk of the year has passed, I can also get a sense of whether I am moving fast enough or will need to push harder to be finished by year end.

While my life mantras never change, sometimes the priority of my goals do and since a lot can happen in six months, I also often have one or two goals that are no longer important to me and will be dropped from my list. This is cool, there is no point in being so goal oriented that you don’t roll with the flow of life.

If I notice that I have put off a few of the tougher goals and tackled the easier ones first, I ask myself why I did that and remind myself that this is risky business – it is always better to get the tougher ones out of the way first so that things roll downhill from there (in a good way). If I lack confidence in myself for any reason, I remind myself that anyone can achieve anything they want if they want to. I take a deep breath, accept that nothing comes easy and push on with a renewed sense of power and confidence in myself.

So ask yourself: are you where you want to be at this point in the year? Are you confident that you will achieve your goals? Do you need to have a little pep talk to remind yourself that you can achieve anything you decide to achieve? Are there any changes in your life that require you to change your goals? What do you need to make sure you achieve your goals by the deadlines you set?

Hope you are moving in the direction you want and let me know if there is any way I can help you achieve your goals.

Life is good.

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