Commitment is a Lot Easier Than You Think

People often say things like “I wish I had that person’s commitment” or “I just don’t have that level of discipline.” The cool thing is you do have that level of commitment and discipline.

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We all have the same level of commitment and ability to be disciplined. Where we differ is on the things that we commit to.

It’s all relative
Perhaps you can never be on time for appointments, but you somehow manage to never miss a workout. Perhaps you can’t stick to a budget, but you would never forget to celebrate the birthdays of your friends and family. Perhaps you can’t remember birthdays, but you are never late to catch a flight. Perhaps you can’t stick to a diet, but never miss an episode of American Idol. In fact, if you have kids and had a chance to speak to your former self before kids, I bet your former self would be shocked by your level of commitment to your children and families (I know I would be).

What matters?
If we look at ourselves we see that we all have immense powers of commitment. Sometimes it is conscious and other time subconscious. We simply tend to commit to the things that we enjoy and that are important to us.

So if you have trouble committing to something you want, ask yourself whether you really want it. If the answer is yea, then you know you have all the powers of commitment to achieve your desire.

(Note- somewhere my wife is wondering why being on time must not be that important to me. Sorry babe, I am working on it!)

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