Comparing Different Types of Non-Dairy Milk

If you are looking to cut back or eliminate dairy you have a lot of options for substitutes. Soya is the most common dairy substitute, but there are others that taste better and don’t have the health risks often associated with soya. Click here to continue reading this post…

We have tried several and here are my thoughts on each:

Soya milk – this is what they will have at a coffee shop if you want something non-dairy. Unsweetened soya doesnt taste much like milk and I find it a bit goopy. Sweetened tastes a bit better and the light version as well, but we don’t drink it in our house because there is some evidence it messes with the kids hormones.

Rice milk – this is quite light and it tastes sweet without added sweetener (brown rice milk is usually unsweetened). The kids love this on its own or in cereal and my wife usually uses this instead of dairy or soya milk in recipes. Note – for some reason it separates in hot drinks so will not work as a substitute for milk or cream in coffee.

Almond milk – as you can imagine, it tastes nutty but is a little bland without cane sugar added. In hot drinks it is a great alternative to dairy. I prefer the unsweetened type.

I have tried hemp milk and it must be an acquired taste, while oat milk is loaded with cane sugar and I don’t care for it much. Cashew cream is a very tasty replacement for cream in soups and dips that would otherwise use cream or heavy cream.

If there are any others that you have found are good, let me know in the comments.

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  • Ianmckenna15

    The advantage to Soy Milk is the massive difference in protein when compared to Almond or Rice Milk. The bottom of the container is definitely unpleasant. The carton says shake well but I don’t find that it helps at all.

  • Eliot Burdett

    I don’t use any of the non-dairy milks as a source of protein in my diet, but you are right, soy milk would be higher than almond. Thanks for dropping by!

  • Wilde_us

    Flax milk is good!

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