Do You Choose Your Emotions or Do They Choose You?

We are emotional creatures. We get happy, excited, sad, bored, angry and sometimes all of these at the same time.

Our emotions are usually at play in every moment of our lives. They are more powerful than we think and play a larger role in our lives than we like to admit. I am certain anyone who is reading this can recall a recent time when they said to themselves “I can’t believe I just did that.” At that moment, emotions were in control. We may think we can’t control how we feel, but to be aware of your moods and feelings and ultimately to control them, means to be in control of your life.

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When we are driven by our moods and feelings, we may do things we wouldn’t otherwise do, or take risks we wouldn’t normally take. We may say things we regret in reaction to external events or other people. We may even have an emotional response to our own emotions, triggering a snowball effect.

To have emotions is natural and a wonderful part of life, but to be driven by your feelings, means you are not in control.

Are you aware of your feelings? How often are your emotions dictating the way you behave? Are your moods making you act in a way that contributes to to your success and happiness?

We cannot always control external events, but we can control how we react to them. To recognize your emotions at any point in time is the first step to living consciously and at peace.

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