Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Do you ever notice how the things that we stressed about a year ago, a few months ago or even a few days ago aren’t a big deal now? Maybe things in the past become less important because we are now busy worrying about something new. While many of us might claim to be stress junkies and enjoy being in tough situations, did you know that stress can have serious negative implications to your health?

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According to research conducted by organizations such as the Center for Stress and Health at Stanford, the National Institutes of Health and the Hormone Foundation, prolonged exposure to stress can have the following harmful effects on the body:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • loss of sleep
  • low energy levels
  • decreased mental alertness and creativity
  • stomach aches and even diarrhea
  • weight gain
  • weakening of the immune system
  • increased blood pressure
  • increased heart rate

Over the years I have conditioned myself to be more relaxed about things to avoid making mountains out of mole hills. You can miss a lot of great times while you are worrying and “don’t sweat the small stuff” is a rule to live by.

Sometimes all you need to do is take a deep breath to drop stress levels if something is bugging you. Smiling works as well even if you don’t really feel like it.

Singing this song out loud is also great.

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