The First Three Weeks of P90X


On a whim I grabbed the P90X program while I was buying gifts at Christmas. I thought it might be cool to learn some new exercises and try a program.  At home, my wife picked up the box and immediately became interested in doing the program.

So not knowing quite what to expect we popped the CD’s into the TV in our home gym and started following the routines, three weeks ago and we’re loving it. The 90 in P90 comes from the fact that there is a 90 day program and the X implies it is an extreme for of exercise. Is it? Certainly feels full-on at the start while I was getting used to the exercises.

The main premises are “muscle confusion” and high intensity so there is a ton of variety over the course of each workout. The program is split into three 30 day segments. There is a different CD to watch every day and each day has a warm-up and cool-down routine. Each workout has advanced or simple versions of the exercise and there is a leader and two or three other exercisers showing the different variations. The first 30 days is a warm-up phase has these workouts:

Day 1:  Chest and Back (approx 60 mins) + Abdominals (approx 16 mins) – lots of push-ups and pull-ups

Day 2: Plyometrics (approx 60 mins) – lots of jumps and squats – deadly!

Day 3: Shoulders and Arms (approx 60 mins) + Abdominals (approx 16 mins) – lots of shoulder presses, curls and triceps exercises

Day 4: Yoga (approx 90 mins) – long yoga workout (for me anyway) and wasn’t a fan of his form or the instructor’s guidance-my own Yoga DVD’s show how to have perfect and safe form. I might switch this workout out for one of my own.

Day 5: Legs & Back (approx 60 mins) + Abdominals (approx 16 mins) – weight bearing legs exercises and more pull-ups.

Day 6: Kenpo (approx 16 mins) – great martial arts like session with tons of kicks, punches, blocks and combinations. Love this one a lot!

Day 7: Rest or Stretch – I usually do light yoga and ride on this day to keep the body flowing, but this is also a great stretching routine

The announcer is cheesy and funny and doesn’t stop talking, which my wife and I get a kick out of.

So far it is a bit like cross fit.  A mix of cardio, wights and yoga. If I only did p90X each day it would be a little less cardio than I am used to, a little less weights and little less yoga, so I have continued to do exercise at other times of the day to keep my levels up in those other areas.

We haven’t missed a day since the start. They are definitely great workouts and I am certain it would have an impact on almost anyone. Probably the best thing is that I get to do it with Chay and it is fun to see us both get more proficient at the exercises and stronger. Check it out if you haven’t already.



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