Grains Free Diet Day 29 – The End

29 days without grains - vegan paleoSo yesterday was the 30th day of my grain free diet experiment. I had fully intended to put a little grain back in my diet once the 30 days was over, but now I am rethinking what I will do with grains moving forward. I’ll tell you why.

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After a full 29 days of no grain, I accidentally ate wheat yesterday when I had a snack of dry roasted green peas that had wheat flour on them. It never occurred to me to read the ingredients, because I (incorrectly) assumed they were just peas. Shortly after eating them I felt like crap. Felt bloated and awful for several hours. Coincidence? Not sure, since there couldn’t have been that much wheat on them, but I am half tempted to eat them again to see if it the same thing happens again, although I am not that keen to repeat the feeling.

So my grain free, vegan take on the paleo diet ended at 29 full days. Here is a summary of my experience:

  1. Lost a bit of weight,
  2. Felt great after every single meal
  3. Discovered new ways to eat veggies,
  4. May have become sensitive to grains (at least wheat)

Now I am rethinking whether I will eat grains again. I will go another couple of weeks without grains and then try some again and see if it upsets my stomach again. If it does, I will probably look at a longer term abstinence. I am still on the fence for the time being. Either way, my grain consumption will likely be significantly reduced from here on in.

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