49 Happiness Habits

Here are some of my favorite daily practices for making life great. I call them happiness habits. I know some of them seem a bit hippy dippy, but they work.

Try adding one or two to your daily routine or let me know in the comments section below if you have any of your own happiness habits. I’d love to hear about them.

  1. Breathe – breathing is our life force, so catch yourself often and remind yourself to take deep breaths
  2. Show up and do your best – positive results will follow.
  3. Love – love your life partner, your family, your friends, and everyone around you. It is contagious.
  4. Forgive – grudges don’t really make you feel better.
  5. Get rid of junk – less clutter and useless possessions in your life means more mental peace.
  6. Eat clean – less processed food, less toxins, more whole foods, more nutrition.
  7. Eat less – the only factor proven to prolong life is a calorie restricted diet – and we all want to live longer right?
  8. Early to bed – Go to bed a little earlier and get more rest, your body will thank you
  9. Early to rise – Get up a little earlier, collect your thoughts, organize your day and start each day ahead of the curve
  10. Give people the benefit of the doubt – they are all doing just about the best they can.
  11. See the best in everything – You can choose to see the best or see the worst, but only the latter will put you in a good mood
  12. Live in the present – Life is short, so put aside worries and enjoy every moment
  13. Expect good things – We tend to see what we want to see, so if we expect to see good things, we likely will
  14. Enjoy what you have – It will make you happier than pining over things you don’t have.
  15. Accept – Life is imperfect and that’s what makes it perfect
  16. Baby Steps – If you lack motivation or are overwhelmed by a big task, just get started and a snowball effect will follow
  17. Embrace Change – Every party ends and every toothache passes, so don’t get too attached to anything. It too shall pass
  18. Don’t “should” on yourself – There is no rulebook for life so don’t beat yourself up about what you shoulda or coulda done
  19. Avoid complaining for 30 days – More difficult than it sounds, but you will find it puts you in a more positive frame of mind
  20. Respect different viewpoints – Each of us has a unique perspective. Be open minded. Listening and understanding brings us together
  21. Reduce Reuse Recycle – Be kind to mother earth and she will kind to us
  22. Pay it Forward – Give something to everyone you meet. A smile, an idea, a compliment, a hand, your time. It will make two people feel good.
  23. Don’t compare yourself to others – you really have no idea whether someone else is happy or not, focus on living your own life
  24. Choose experiences over possessions – on our deathbeds we probably won’t wish he had more stuff, but we will reminisce about things we did
  25. Smile – A lot.
  26. Persevere – that which doesn’t kill you definitely makes you stronger.
  27. Keep a journal – writing is cathartic and will help you organize your thoughts
  28. YOLO – my rule is that if something isn’t going to shorten my life, I can indulge
  29. Consume less
    animal-based products (or none at all) – There is no such thing as cruelty free, humane livestock farming and the environmental impact is devastating
  30. Gratitude – Every day you wake up, its a good day. You are blessed. Say thanks. A lot.
  31. Meditate – there are many scientifically proven benefits, but even if none existed, it is a peaceful to get grounded
  32. Move – Stretch. Jump. Lift. Sweat. Every day.
  33. Get outside – Enjoy more fresh air and more sunlight (and wear sunscreen)
  34. Say yes – a positive attitude is huge. Say yes you can and you will.
  35. Stop searching – you already have everything you could ever want and all the big answers you could ever need.
  36. Don’t take yourself too seriously – you are the only one paying that much attention to yourself.
  37. Don’t try to win every argument – no one is keeping score. Seriously.
  38. Build your work around your life – Most of us get this backwards. We are not our work.
  39. Patience – we are so used to hurrying and stressing about time, when it usually doesn’t matter.
  40. Never stop learning – life is school and learning enriches you
  41. Habits beat discipline – Maintaining will power is hard work. Habits are easier, so set up your life so meeting your commitments is habitual.
  42. Info Diet – from time to time, turn everything off to give your brain a rest
  43. Turn off the TV – there is very little on TV that will make your life better
  44. Play Games – keeps the brain active and can be very social if you are playing with others
  45. Monotask – do one thing at a time and you will get more done and enjoy each thing more in the process
  46. Tackle your bucket list – make your list and knock things off one thing at a time. The more outrageous the better.
  47. Be Good – Do good deeds and treat others with respect. People will likely do the same to you.
  48. Drink lots of water – Its about as important ad eating the right foods for overall health and energy.
  49. Surrender – it is your life but you are not really in control of it, only how you react to it. Let it flow. Drink it in.

Life is good.


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