How I Set Goals

Many people might still be setting their goals for the year, so I am sharing how I make my goals – sort of a mind mapping process. Happy New Year to all and I hope you have a wonderful year!

Here is a pic of my 64 goals for this year. Seems like a lot of goals, but a year is a long time – and hey, I love a lot of things in life and crave balance, what can I say?

setting goals - life by design

  • Nick Desbarats

    Thanks for sharing. Great for us, however apparently not good for you :)

  • James Cummings

    Hey Elliot, I particularly like the part where you point out that it’s uncanny how goals will materialize when you write them down. I’ve been saying that for years in my seminars. There is some kind of magic that happens when you write down what you want in life. The other thing I would mention is that goals need to be Specific, Quantifiable and Timely. Vague goals that aren’t, or can’t be reviewed in a reasonable length of time are just pipe dreams.

  • Eliot Burdett

    Nick…that’s why I didn’t actually share my own goals, just my process. Great link btw – my goals definitely need to be earned and I am self motivated so it doesn’t really matter if I share them with others, but I generally keep them to myself for fear of boring people. :)

  • Eliot Burdett

    Thanks Jim – you are right, writing is a big part of the process and definitely goals have to be measurable. I learned this the hard way after years of looking at my fuzzy goals and thinking why did I bother. Thanks for dropping by!

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  • Eliot Burdett

    Thanks for stopping by Oliver. I am glad you found it useful. I also have detailed goals for my business, but I consider that a sub-wheel to this one. If you love your work, then it might crowd out other areas, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but if you neglect things like health and taking care of yourself, you may find that you hit a speed bump which prevents you from doing any work at all. I find rest and stepping away makes me more productive at work, plus life is short and when we ultimately reach our deathbeds, most of us won’t be talking about how many hours we worked. Only you know what is the right balance for you. Good luck and please share how it works out for you. Have a great 2011!
    Life is Good

  • Oliver Bendzsa

    Thanks for this practical tool to help the rest of us plan and be more successful at what we want to do this year.

    I was struck with the balance that you have in your wheel. With 12 core spokes only 1 or 2 have anything to do with work (income & maybe relationships). I find this amazing because so much of my time and energy is consumed with work it leaves very little for the other important areas of my life.

    I’m really looking forward to trying this model and trying to stick some of the goals that flow from it. Thanks again.

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