How to Fall Asleep on Command

Ever have those nights when you know you need sleep, but you lie in bed with an active mind? You try willing yourself to sleep and that doesn’t work. You start thinking about work or other day time stuff and that makes things worse. Sleep is crucial to being productive and there are several tricks you can use to bring on sleep. Click here to continue reading this post…

Here are my favorite tricks for falling asleep when I need to:

1. Deep breathing. Take long deep breaths in and out. Imagine your hands palms down, fingertips touching, moving down from your chest to your abdomen as you inhale and then palms up moving back up to your chest as you exhale. Back and forth. This puts me out in minutes.

2. Relax your whole body. Lie absolutely still. Start with you toes on one foot. Relax it and imagine it is sinking into the bed from it’s own weight. Then move to your ankle and imagine it is sinking into the bed to join your foot. Then your ankle and so on up to your hips. By this point you might actually feel lopsided in the bed. Then do the same for the other leg starting again with your toes. If you are not asleep by this point, and I usually am, then perform the same sinking exercise moving up your torso. It works.

3. Climb downstairs. Imagine you are in an elevator. Watch the numbers light up as you move down from the 40th floor. When you reach the bottom the doors open and you see a staircase. Step by step you climb down and down. You may have to go 20 flights. The point of this is to clear the mind.

The first two work best for me, but I have successfully used them all. Let me know what works for you.

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