How to Consistently Have High Energy

EnergyMany of us become less active as we age and complain of having reduced energy levels which in turn causes us to be less active, and then feel less energetic, perpetuating a downward cycle. The amount of energy we feel depends on a variety of different factors including many that we have no control over such as age or illness, but the good news is that there are several ways we can increase our energy levels.

DIET – Diet is absolutely critical to feeling high energy levels. Food is fuel and you can’t have high energy without the right fuel. Bad food choices means your motor doesn’t run properly if at all. Try to eat more small meals each day, each with a mix of slow carbs (low on the GI/Glycemic Index), whole foods (preferably organic and much of it raw to make digestion easier), fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts, and sufficient protein (about 0.5 gms per day per pound of bodyweight, which is plenty). Drink plenty of water and avoid processed foods, refined sugar, white flours, and salt. Also avoid gluten as there is much research to indicate it causes inflammation and has negative health impacts.

CONDITIONING – Moving gets the blood flowing and is invigorating. The more active one is, the more one’s body gets used to physical exertion. Do a mix of regular activities including cardio, isometrics, plyometrics, anaerobic, and stretching/yoga. Do light cardio or stretching on rest days, to circulate blood and assist in recovery. Burst and adrenaline sports like hockey, racket sports or mountain biking are fun, but it also good to do zen activities like walking, road cycling or running that are rhythmic and allow you to rest the mind while moving the body.

MINDSET – When many of us think we are tired, we are actually only mind tired, and not body tired since we haven’t done anything physical to merit physical fatigue. This is especially true if we sit at a desk all day. When you feel tired and haven’t done anything physical, engaging the body will actually feel like waking up. This is easier to do if you keep moving. If you sit down on the couch after a day sitting at the office, your body is not tired but your mind will convince you that you are exhausted and start to relax, and then it will be twice as tough to get up and go, so try to avoid the couch as much possible. Rest when you are truly spent and need to recover, otherwise keep moving.

BODY REST – Rest is critical and lead to proper body function and performance. Body rest can be in the form of downtime, calm activities and sleep. During these times the body can supply nutrients to tired muscles, rebuild and repair.

MIND REST – The mind and body are connected, so clearing the mind helps tap into inner energy centers and reduce any harmful stress levels. Meditation can be very useful the great physical benefits and can be practiced while sitting, walking or even while doing an activity if you focus exclusively on that one thing.

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