How to Meditate with Kids Around


For anyone who has tried any activity such as working, reading, talking in the phone or exercising with young kids around, you know how tough it is. Kids want attention and they want to be involved. Many times, I have practiced yoga at home with my kids climbing on my back or crawling over or under me while I complete the poses.

Now try quieting the mind to meditate while children poke you or try to talk to you. Not so easy for most of us. During my early morning meditation our kids are still asleep so interruptions are not an issue, but when I meditate in the evenings, my kids are usually nearby, and don’t understand the concept of leaving daddy alone, at least not yet.

If you have young ones at home and can’t seem to get your meditation going because they won’t leave you in silence, don’t despair. Here are some ideas that have worked for me.

Ask for a break – Let your kids know you want a few moments of silence. You are setting a good example and over time they will notice and appreciate your discipline.

Be present – The kids may interrupt you, so smile and don’t worry about it. Life isn’t perfect ad neither is meditation.

Ask them to join – I often ask my kids to meditate with me. They do it for a few moments and then get bored, but I like to think that even in that short amount of time, they are learning to be more present and aware.

A little daily meditation is better than none at all, so roll with the punches and don’t try and escape to silence when your young kids are around.

Life is good

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