Greatest Lessons Learned in 2010

Life lessons learned in 2010 - life by design

2010 – What a great year! One the eve of the new year and having just finishing my goals for 2011 (will post on this shortly) I thought I would share some of my biggest lessons from this past year.

Everything good starts with meditation – There were a lot of great days this year and each one started with meditation. Going back to 2008, I began meditating every single morning and haven’t missed a morning since. My 30 minute daily meditation clears my head, rests my mind and gives me energy for the day. I cannot imagine ever stooping this practice.

Dates are a ton ‘o fun – This year, I started planning dates whereby once a month I ask Chay to join me on an evening or weekend excursion. I give her confusing instructions like bring your passport, a snorkel and a sneakers and then take confusing paths to our destination so that she has no idea where we are going. It has been a lot of laughs for both of us and great “us” time which is critical when you have a house full of demanding kidlets (bless them). I have a ton more fun ones planned for next year and Chay has some planned for me in 2011 so I am looking forward to that too!

Social networking is social and networking – I met so many cool people online this year, on Twitter, Facebook and one of my favorite online communities, eth*eos. Usually my connections start as a casual comment and then build into ongoing conversations and now several have become great business connections and lifelong friends. Developing these relationships will be a big part of my 2011.

Letting go of outdated beliefs is awesome – A few years ago my goal consisted of owning exotic cars and helicopters and over the last few years, I have become more interested in experiences, especially with my family. This year I created a list of things I want to do and achieve before I die and cars and possessions were nowhere to be seen. Had many great times with my family this year that I am far less likely to forget than a car …and most of them were small things we did were simple like riding the apple wagon at the local apple orchards (which ironically probably cost us less than a wiper blade on a Porsche, ha!).

strong>21 Days is a long time! – I took the 21 day no complaining challenge and realized that I complained so much and didn’t even realize it! After three false starts, I finally was able to make it 21 days, but it was not easy at all. Simply not complaining makes you change your perspective on things and put you in a better mood – that alone is a great thing! While I was able to stop my mouth from complaining, but venting in my head is something I will still have to work at in 2011.

Clean the chaos outside means less chaos inside – I kind of snapped this year. Our basement and our garage were so full of stuff that we had to virtually climb over it to get through. It was beyond stressful. At one point I think we were buying things that we already had because we either didn’t know we had them or couldn’t get to them. I called it anti-zen. So I started purging. One thing a day. Trashing, selling and giving away everything until the floor and then the walls started to reappear. This all culminated in a final clean right after Christmas and now it is decent and peace of mind has returned. I will continue this practice in 2011 big time.

Patience and persistence always trump the quick fix– The last few years were tougher for my recruiting business, but my biz partner the team hung in, delivering over and above the call of duty and now business is rocking. A few years ago there were some moments of truth were we had to dig deep to keep going, but this turnaround proved that patience and persistence truly pay off.

The value of balance between work, play and rest– I have always been attracted to the 4 Hour Work Week lifestyle (my parents were hippies and we did some vagabonding), but I have usually been too caught up in work to really ever let go. I considered a long weekend enough for unwinding, but this year we took nearly three weeks vacation in the spring and it was great family time as well as mega re-energizing. I am now convinced the time away makes me more productive and creative in my work and I will now find ways to get away more often and for longer.

Experiments turned into habits – Having cut sugar, caffeine, dairy and meat from my diet in earlier years, this year I cut gluten and starchy foods. It started as an experiment and then just sort of stuck. The net was that I could stay lean with relative ease. I am still waiting to see if living gluten free will have a huge impact beyond staying lean, but I don’t miss the starchy foods.

LIG – Any day you wake up with air in your lungs, it is a good day. Life is always good!

2010 was a great year and I am so pumped about the new lessons I will learn in 2011! Happy New year to all and best in 2011!

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  1. the wife
    December 31, 2010 | 20:53

    Great post honey! xo

  2. Eliot Burdett
    January 1, 2011 | 15:16


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