Meditating Won’t Pedal Your Bicycle

When life or business becomes overwhelming or when dreams seem unreachable, a lot of people turn to meditation as a way to take themselves someplace else. When this doesn’t happen, they are often disappointed, give up and miss what meditation is really all about.

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Meditation is not about going someplace or coming back. Not about growing or shrinking, fixing or breaking. It is simply about being present for a short period of time without being encumbered by what has happened in the past or what may or may not happen in the future.

The word meditation comes from the latin word meditatum which loosely translates to ponder. Meditation is about being aware of the present. Being conscious. This has many benefits, but you cannot expect more from meditation itself.

I personally use meditation to ground myself at the beginning and during each and every day. It is a base for experiencing my life. It is a crtical part ofy life and adds to my life, but it does not create my life. This is an importation distinction required to enjoy meditation.

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