Money Game for Kids

Lately we have been playing a fun money game with our kids.

We take a stack of coins and create a series of math challenges for each of our girls to figure out.

For example, I might put 7 pennies in one pile and 2 nickels in another pile and ask which one is worth more money. Or I might make a pile with 8 nickels and place a quarter on its own and then ask how many coins are required in the nickel pile so that it equals the quarter. For another question we take a group of mixed coins and ask for them to be placed in order from smallest value to highest (which really challenges younger players since size does not always equal value).

For every time a question is answered correctly, the kids get to keep the coins used in the question. For an incorrect answer we keep the money. Since our girls are different ages, each question is presented to one daughter at a time and we make the challenges slightly easier for our younger daughter. We play 5 or 10 rounds.

The girls high five each other when they get to keep the money. We have a lot of laughs and we are teaching our kids math skills, the monetary value of money and the importance of saving all at the same time. Learning is easiest when it is fun.

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