Moral Schizophrenia

Inspired by the post Double (Cheeseburger) Standard, I realized we are all, at one time or another, guilty of Moral Schizophrenia (when one promotes a certain set of moral values, but acts in way that conflicts with these values). Using vegcomic’s example, one would be morally schizophrenic if they loved animals and decried animal abuse, but ate meat which in turn contributes to horrific levels of pain and suffering for animals.

Another example might be promoting that we should love thy neighbor and then in another breath saying something off color about a neighbor. Or telling others not to gossip and doing it ourselves. Saying we should take care of the environment and driving a gas guzzler (or flying in private jets…ahem…Al Gore). Or denouncing bullying and then getting on twitter and joining in a public bashing of someone. These are just a few. There are plenty of other examples and sadly I am sure I have committed one or two of these fouls myself.

The happiest people I know have figured out how to bring their actions into alignment with their deepest beliefs. The live with integrity. I aspire to that and try to get closer every day.

What are you morally schizophrenic about?

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