P90X Update

Last week my wife and started the 7th week of P90X and haven’t missed a day yet. Have done a bit less running, riding and yoga since starting the program, but really enjoying the muscle confusion – haven’t done that to myself in a long time. The plyometric workouts continue to be killer and usually I am on the floor gasping for breath at some point in that workout. Now that I am getting used to the different exercises, I can really focus on getting the form right and burning in the right places. I’ve definitely noticed I am able to go deeper on my body weight squats and jump higher on the way back up.  Still working on my form in those darn one arm push-ups though!

I think I have probably dropped a percentage or two in body fat, although I didn’t measure myself before, so this is mostly a hunch.

I’ve also figured out that “P” in P90 stands for pull-ups since that seems the be the exercise that is repeated the most often in the program.

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