Sugar is a Freight Train

Sugar is the jack hammer of cuisine. It is like a freight train to the taste buds. It is addictive and overpowering and our culture loves it. I know this because I had (still have) a crazy sweet tooth. I could eat ten cookies and then want more. I could eat a whole bag of candy and many times. I might have been killing my system, but usually didn’t suffer right away and my metabolism and exercise regime would keep me slim even if I ate tons of sweets. If sugar was a food, it may have been one of my favorites, and I would often pass on other wholesome foods because I didn’t find them sweet enough.

Then last year, for the sake of my teeth, my pancreas, and the rest of my body and to avoid sugar spikes and crashes I virtually eliminated sugar and other processed sweeteners from my diet. My main rationale for making the change as to improve health, but there were a couple of awesome side effect that I hadn’t expected. To continue reading this post, click here >>

After cutting sugar and all other processed sweeteners such as fructose, sucralose, out of my diet (I would say I eliminated it 100%, but I am sure I am still getting sugar sometimes when I go to a restaurant since it is such a popular ingredient), I noticed that I stop craving sugar so much. It took longer to break the habit than coffee, which is scary, but eventually I stopped becoming Pavlov’s dog around sweets and cookies. That was a surprise to me.

The second big surprise was that my palate developed a whole new appreciation for other foods. Without sugar to distract my taste buds or overpower them, I now find that foods that I used to think were un-sweet, are now sweet. Things like muesli with just raisins, or balsamic vinegar taste really sweet and apples are almost never tart. Carrots are now really sweet to me and I have found that spinach and even romaine lettuce are actually sweet as well. I would have never said this before. In fact, I often now find if food too sweet if it has added sweetener like stevia, honey, or molasses (although I could probably still throw back 10 cookies if I didn’t watch myself).

So glad to have unlocked the door to all these great foods.

2 Responses to Sugar is a Freight Train
  1. Zoe
    March 9, 2010 | 02:41

    I think you hit the nail on the head with this post. It is surprising how much when you take any extreme out of your diet, you slowly realize how much you actually enjoy consuming things you normally thought were unpalatable.

  2. Eliot Burdett
    March 9, 2010 | 14:16

    You are right Zoe, though a lot of people consider the absence of sugar to be extreme, not sugar itself. I am with you. Now, next is salt…I am still a bit of a salt junkie…I wonder if the same holds true.

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