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Last year I was invited to participate in a workshop given by a friend of a friend who was training to become a certified Soul Mind Body Natural Healer (I think the correct term may be “Universal Servant”, but I am not certain). I was told that the workshop would be about enlightenment and meditation. Intrigued about the workshop and coincidentally at the time, trying to learn more about meditation, it seemed like a very timely invite.

I really had no idea what to expect. The workshop was spread over 6 afternoon /evening sessions, involved a mix of theory and practice and there were about ten participants. The practice focuses on the spiritual and physical realm and offers enormous healing and strengthening benefits, so I was eager to find out more. To continue reading this post, click here…

Soul Mind Body is a type of medicine and healing method conceived and promoted by Dr. Sha, a middle aged native of China, who claims to be a channel for Divine (God in most people’s parlance). The practice embodies elements of Dong Yi Gong, Tai Chi, Qigong, I Ching, Kung Fu, and Feng Shui and teaches that everything physical and conceptual has a soul, including, animals, parts of the body, cells, businesses, and relationships. The soul has the power to heal, with power over the mind and body. The soul must be healed first to heal the mind and body or for any other kind of healing.

A real neat part of the practice are the chanting mantras which are used to heal the soul, and can be used for self-healing, healing others, group healing, and even healing remotely. When these chants are performed in a group the vibration can be quite intense and I really enjoyed these parts of the workshop. If you picture a group of people sitting or standing in a room chanting a phrase or word, such as love or light, over and over loudly for five or ten minutes, you can imagine the energy in the room by the end of the practice.

Each of the practices is intended to engage four modalities including: soul power, mind power, body power and sound power. Gratitude in the form of recognition and and good intentions, such as a desire to heal or strengthen (soul) are expressed at the start of a chanting mantra. During the mantra you actively visualize energy (mind), focused on a physical part or another person (body) and the chants generate energy and power through vibration (sound). Pretty unconventional stuff for most people.

Several times during the sessions I experienced the euphoria and enlightenment that I have regularly experienced from deep meditation except it occurred much faster. This is a key part of the practice for me. The mantras allowed me to achieve what I call the calm inner state within a few minutes. Up until that point in it had always taken me half an hour to an hour to reach the same level of inner calm.

Another part of the teachings I really enjoyed was learning more about karma, Akashic records and impact of service to humanity.

I hadn’t actually heard of Dr. Sha before attending the workshop, but he is obviously well known. He is renowned for holding massive gatherings where thousands of people attend and pay to receive healings, soul treatments and karma cleansings. On his website, there thousands of stories from those who say he and his teachers have healed. He is not without his detractors though and there are also plenty of stories on the Internet about how he charges thousands of dollars for treatments that don’t work.

If the treatments work for people and they feel good about spending their money to feel better then I have no problems with Dr. Sha charging. There are plenty of other practitioners from surgeons to counselors that charge for their own healing services, but Dr. Sha is different in that he charges very high fees to perform duties on behalf of the Divine. Making enough to keep a temple open or spread the word is one thing, but somehow I don’t see the Divine asking anyone to provide healings on his behalf and take people’s life savings in exchange. It doesn’t smell right to me although I must admit that I have not researched it closely enough to make a hard judgment on whether the whole thing is a truly genuine movement of selfless compassion or an elaborate and well orchestrated pyramid marketing scheme. The line may be blurry even for Dr. Sha himself, since money can be extremely intoxicating.

I participated in the workshop with an open mind and still am open to learning the merits of Soul Mind Body medicine, but I have to admit the more I learned about Dr. Sha, the less interested I was about getting more deeply involved either in the big gatherings or becoming a natural healer myself. When I was invited to a large gathering in Hawaii this winter, I declined, but this hasn’t impacted my enjoyment of the practice in any way.

Now to put this all in perspective of being happier and living a more rewarding life. I am not saying that Soul Mind Body healing doesn’t work. In fact I think the chanting is terrific and I have made them part of my daily meditation routine ever since the workshop began. To me, Dr. Sha is more like an unconventional doctor than a spiritual leader, so I take his advice in stride. A lot of his teachings about holistic living make practical sense and if you are open to the notion of karma and a higher spiritual power you will enjoy what he has to say about healing methods. Even if just for the chanting meditations alone, I recommend participating if anyone who has the opportunity to participate in one of his workshops.

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  1. Michael Alpough
    February 27, 2010 | 21:19

    I have been practicing Zhineng Quigong for about 1 year now with amazing results. I am hoping to make a trip to China to visit their “World's Largest Medicineless Hospital” someday to see the miracles for myself, and maybe receive one or two…

    Quigong is the ability to pull the chi right out of the air, “for free” so to speak. It took a culture as rich and deep as the Chinese to bring us to the level of understanding that we currently enjoy.

    But leave it to the German's with their amazing creative abilities to invent a machine that “makes” chi. There are machines now popular that generate chi, and can provide many of the wonderful results as the ancient (and free) method of quigong. Some of the machines now available and gaining large followings of satisfied customers are the QRS Quantron, the MRS 2000 and the BEMER 3000.

    For people too busy to practice traditional qigong, one of these chi machine generators may be a practical alternative. For people who own these machines, they say they wouldn't trade theirs for anything in the world..

  2. Eliot Burdett
    February 27, 2010 | 23:34

    Thanks for stopping by Michael. I haven't yet tired Quigong, but I am definitely interested in learning more.

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  4. Carol Livezey
    March 27, 2010 | 17:01

    Soul Mind Body medicine teaches heal the soul first and the mind and body will follow. How do you heal the soul? You use the 4 powers, call the soul, I love you (soul), you have the power to heal yourself, do a good job (command) Thank you (gratitude) Put hands in a body power position one hand near pain, far hand lower abdomen. Visualize golden light moving from pain to lower abdomen. Sound power chant (you can be creative here) Soul can heal and rejuvenate. (over and over) 3-5 min Be patient, practice. Of course if it is large, old pain it may take longer practice over few weeks. Just practice 3-5 times each day for 3-5 minuets. I wish you Healing Blessings.

  5. Eliot Burdett
    March 27, 2010 | 17:27

    Thanks for dropping by and sharing this Carol. Yes this is one of the healing openers I learned in the workshop and have used with good results. It can take some time to see results, buy they come espcially if you have no
    expectations. There are many specific chants that are used to address various ailments, but I liked to use Weng Are Hung as it was simple and felt good. It is a great practice.

  6. sher33
    April 5, 2010 | 14:19

    Thank you Eliot for your thoughtful post about Dr. Sha and Soul Mind Body Medicine. I am an advanced student, teacher and healer of Dr. Sha's. I have studied and practiced many healing modalities over the years and have found the teachings and techniques that Dr. Sha offers to be most effective and accessible. Each book that Dr. Sha writes has new wisdom and practices that anyone can do. Divine Soul Songs teaches us the Sacred Soul Songs of Yin Yang and Five Elements. I practice these songs each day and have taught them to many of my clients as they encourage the flow of chi in the body and thereby dissolving energetic and spiritual blockages along the way. We honor both the science and sacredness of these practices to gain the maximum benefit for our physical and spiritual life. These songs carry divine light and frequency which raises our frequencies. I am forever grateful to Dr. Sha for his service to all souls and I thank you for honoring his teaching.

  7. Eliot Burdett
    April 5, 2010 | 15:15

    Thanks for stopping by. I am glad that you have enjoyed Dr. Sha's teachings and shared your experiences.

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  9. Ogilmore
    September 4, 2012 | 09:40

    look its very simple: the mind is a manipulator of energy…below the atoms everything is energy (ie subatomic particles and waves such as photons or electrons etc); Double slit experiment shows that the mind (consciousness) manipulates these subatomic particles of energy. So whatever you think, whatever you say or sing, whatever you visualise etc  – all these acts are the mind manipulating energy in the present moment. Dr sha hasnt come up with anything miraculous. Hes simply giving you ‘prayers’ (words) that manipulate energy….you can say an effective prayer that means something to your heart and feel strongly about it over and over ….and itll have the same effect. Thoughts,words,feelings,songs,visualisations using the mind are simply a way to manipulate your energy in the present moment. If u do any of these repeatedly over and over, you change your energy – it all compounds! The compounding effect leads to neural networks in the mind being formed and strengthened. Do it for 90days and a network of firing neurons all working together is formed. The stronger the neural network the faster the neurons fire away. The neural association can fire away so fast that you act before you think (before the logical egoic mind kicks in). If you visualise on what u want everyday without faiil at least twice a day with feeling in meditations of at least 20mins….within 90days a neural network of sorts will form. Its strength COMPOUNDS the more you visualise. Athletes do this. The faster the network, the stronger the belief and manifestation capability. Its all the power of compounding the manipulation of energy via the mind. Hence if you repeat a mantra re the soul healing you or the divine entering you and shining its life, its love and its life etc and opening up and healing, dissolving and transmuting your negative energies back to love….and you visualise this, and you feel the presence or chi or your inner energy field where the healing needs to take place (focus on the area that needs healing intensely with presence)….it makes perfect sense that regular daily ritualistic practice will change your energy in that area within time due to the compounding effect. Dr sha tells you mantras and prayers to repeat over and over – the repetition is what compounds the change in energy. Your mind is a manipulator of the light, of energy. We all know this. Repetition and daily practice is the main key.

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