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Problems are Always Opportunities

In late March I was enjoying a fast paced game of hockey, zigged when I should have zagged, and exploded into the boards at high speed, breaking and separating two ribs, and partially tearing my pectoral muscle on my left side.
Busted Ribs Suck
Over the years, I have had numerous injuries from sports, including broken bones,…

P90X Wrap-Up


Earlier this month I finished up the P90X exercise program. Despite being skeptical at first, because I thought the program had a body-building angle and a “skin deep” focus, I really enjoyed it on so many levels. The program involves weights, yoga, plyometrics, isometrics, cardio, and intervals. It’s a lot different than what I am…

P90X Update

Last week my wife and started the 7th week of P90X and haven’t missed a day yet. Have done a bit less running, riding and yoga since starting the program, but really enjoying the muscle confusion – haven’t done that to myself in a long time. The plyometric workouts continue to be killer and usually…

Exercising Through Injuries

If you are active, you probably get periodic injuries, most of us do. I am not talking about sore muscles after a good workout, but pain or discomfort from a tear or strain that stays with you for weeks. How you react to these injuries can have a huge impact on your overall fitness. …

Workout Routine

One of my friends on Facebook recently asked about my workout routine these days so I thought I would share my response here with some additional notes.
First, an explanation to put this in context. My routine changes depending on my goals and what sports I am competing in at any point in time. Right now…

Live Vigorously

In our busy lives we have a tendency to fill every moment of our schedules and automate everything we used to do by hand so we can, in turn, fill our schedules even more. We have dishwashers to save us from doing the dishes, car washes whenever we want, cleaning services to keep our houses…

Live to be 125 Years Old (Why Stay Fit and Healthy Now)

When I admit to people that I want to live be 125 years old, they ask me why anyone would want to live to that age. They assume anyone that old will be frail and unable to enjoy life. I say horse hockey!
First of all I kind of need to live that long. There are…

My Morning Success Routine

Each and every morning, I follow a routine that is essential to my personal and business success.
For years my day would start by getting up as early as possible, rushing to get ready for work, and heading out the door as fast as possible, all with the aim of getting busy as fast as possible….

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