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Three Great iPhone Apps for Meditation

The iPhone is infinitely useful and there are a few apps that play a big part in my morning meditation practice.
Here are three I use most often and how I use them.
Meditator – Meditation Timer by Simple Touch Software. – This app is my mainstay. It lets me set a chime to ring at timed…

Learning to Meditate

If you are just starting to meditate and finding it a bit frustrating, join the club, but rest assured it gets easier with practice.
When I first tried meditating it reminded me of golf, a sport that is supposed to be relaxing, but frustratingly hard to learn (for me anyway).
Somewhere I had read that in order…

Soul Mind Body Medicine

Last year I was invited to participate in a workshop given by a friend of a friend who was training to become a certified Soul Mind Body Natural Healer (I think the correct term may be “Universal Servant”, but I am not certain). I was told that the workshop would be about enlightenment and meditation….

150 Days of Meditation

This week marked my 150th straight day of meditating. Each morning before my day gets rolling, I meditate for about 25 minutes.
I have always liked the notion of meditating and have meditated several times and enjoyed the peace and clarity it brought, but never was able to do it regularly. Then late last summer, a…