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Short Prayer of Gratitude

Thank you for the air in my lungs
Thank you for the food in my belly
Thank you for the roof over my head
Thank you for the love in my house
Thank you for the opportunity to continue my journey today
Life is always good

365 Days of Meditation | My Experiences Meditating Every Day for One Year

zen meditation

Something in me clicked about a year ago (actually just over 13 months ago) and I decided I wanted to meditate every morning, seven days a week. At the time I couldn’t sit still for more than a few moments, so meditating for 5 or 6 minutes was about the most I could do, but…


My family and I just returned from an extended vacation in the Carolinas where the weather at this time of the year is warm and not hot. We stayed on the ocean and for two and a half weeks, enjoyed the sea and the sun. The cool air at night was great for sleeping with…

My Morning Success Routine

Each and every morning, I follow a routine that is essential to my personal and business success.
For years my day would start by getting up as early as possible, rushing to get ready for work, and heading out the door as fast as possible, all with the aim of getting busy as fast as possible….

How to Get Up Early

If you want to get more done, try getting up earlier.
Throughout my life I have gone back and forth through phases of being able to consistently get up early and then going weeks of sleeping through my alarms (even if I set multiple alarms). During the cycles when I wasn’t able to get up early,…