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A Vegan Reviews the 4-Hour Body

Vegan take on the Four Hour Body

I like Tim Ferriss’ stuff and I am a big fan of life hacking so I picked up a copy of his book the 4-Hour Body. The book is as billed. It is about short cuts to a variety of physical achievements such a ripped body, running, injury recovery and even sexual performance.
In terms of…

Grains Free Diet Day 29 – The End

So yesterday was the 30th day of my grain free diet experiment. I had fully intended to put a little grain back in my diet once the 30 days was over, but now I am rethinking what I will do with grains moving forward. I’ll tell you why.
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21 Days Without Grains

It has now been three weeks since I had any grains in my diet (except for a very small amount of rice protein in my protein shakes).
I still can’t say I notice any difference versus how I felt while I was consuming grains and I still crave bread and oatmeal.
One neat thing now that…