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Quitting Coffee and Coffee Alternatives

Messing around with video this morning and needed an excuse to upload a video so shared my thoughts about quitting coffee and what you can drink to break the habit. All natural, no chemicals!

How Much Sleep Do We Need?

“I’ll sleep when I die.”  That’s what I used to say when people wondered why I seemed to be on the go all the time. One time I recall scratching my head when someone told me they regularly got 10 hours of sleep. How do they find the time and why would they want to?

How to Fall Asleep on Command

Ever have those nights when you know you need sleep, but you lie in bed with an active mind? You try willing yourself to sleep and that doesn’t work. You start thinking about work or other day time stuff and that makes things worse. Sleep is crucial to being productive and there are several tricks…

How to Get Up Early

If you want to get more done, try getting up earlier.
Throughout my life I have gone back and forth through phases of being able to consistently get up early and then going weeks of sleeping through my alarms (even if I set multiple alarms). During the cycles when I wasn’t able to get up early,…