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Big Overwhelming Problems are Always Made up of Little Manageable Problems


Last week I spoke with one of my coaching clients, a CEO who several months ago was in an excruciatingly tough and stressful spot. She was facing overwhelming challenges on all fronts, but fought against the odds and moved her company to a position of strength within only a few months. She came out ahead…

New Experiment – No Complaining for 21 Days

Did you know that the average person expresses complaints about 15-30 times a day? I hadn’t ever put much thought into it, until recently as I have been studying the science behind positive mental attitude theory. You sort of take it for granted that negative thinking is not healthy, but we also sort of feel…


In the book Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude (which I just finished btw and highly recommend), the author Napoleon Hill refers to an article he once wrote, entitled “Contentment” which includes the following passage:
The richest man in the world lives in Happy Valley.
He is rich in values that endure, in things he cannot lose.