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P90X Wrap-Up

Earlier this month I finished up the P90X exercise program. Despite being skeptical at first, because I thought the program had a body-building angle and a “skin deep” focus, I really enjoyed it on so many levels. The program involves weights, yoga, plyometrics, isometrics, cardio, and intervals. It’s a lot different than what I am…

The First Three Weeks of P90X


On a whim I grabbed the P90X program while I was buying gifts at Christmas. I thought it might be cool to learn some new exercises and try a program.  At home, my wife picked up the box and immediately became interested in doing the program.
So not knowing quite what to expect we popped the…

Exercising Every Day

Staying fit is critical to overall personal success. Doing regular exercise will make you feel good and give you strength, stamina, regulated energy levels, flexibility. You will also give your mind an opportunity to rest and recharge from the brain heavy stresses of the rest of the day (see Zen exercise).
With all those…

How to Do Yoga Every Day

Yoga has many benefits, from increasing flexibility and blood flow, to relaxing the body and mind. It is useful if you play sports as it will help you recover faster from tough workouts and will help prevent injuries. Many times while playing hockey, I had my flexibility to thank for avoiding injuries on awkward falls….