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Founders and Business Partnerships

Bruce Firestone and I had a great little debate on twitter recently about partnerships in business and why they often don’t work. He remarked that “there are still two chairs in Heaven waiting for the first two partners to get there & still like each other.” I agree that entrepreneurs are, by nature, a bit…

Ten Lessons Learned from Starting Companies

Peak Sales Recruiting is my third start-up, with Ventrada and GlobalX being the other two. One was successful for 5 years before my partners and I decided to accept an acquisition offer (GlobalX), another was a total flame out (Ventrada) and my third is going strong (Peak).
Along my 20+ year entrepreneurial journey, I have also…

My Morning Success Routine

Each and every morning, I follow a routine that is essential to my personal and business success.
For years my day would start by getting up as early as possible, rushing to get ready for work, and heading out the door as fast as possible, all with the aim of getting busy as fast as possible….