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Reiki for Two

healing and energy

Up until recently I had heard of Reiki, but hadn’t actually known what it was, so when an advertisement for a Reiki session dropped into my email inbox a few weeks ago, my curiosity got the better of me and I jumped at the opportunity to find out.
I booked a session for Chay and I…

Prayer Beads


My daily meditation practice involves a 30-40 minute meditation every morning and for the longest time, I have used a timer on my iPhone to make sure that I sat still for the desired time. I like to keep my eyes closed during meditation, so checking my watch is problematic and, up until recently, I…

Be Happy About What You Have


Our kids are great. They love life, they are appreciative, they learn important skills at an astonishing pace and are well behaved. It is awesome to be around them and we are blessed to have them. But they are still kids.
They will still go into a mall and whimper about getting a new toy…

Why? Because it feels good.


Hardly a day goes by when someone doesn’t ask me why I am so committed to my exercise, diet and daily routines. Often they want to discover the science that could possibly justify what seems like such a huge sacrifice and ordeal.
My logical and dominant left brain always quickly responds that my rituals…

365 Days of Meditation | My Experiences Meditating Every Day for One Year

zen meditation

Something in me clicked about a year ago (actually just over 13 months ago) and I decided I wanted to meditate every morning, seven days a week. At the time I couldn’t sit still for more than a few moments, so meditating for 5 or 6 minutes was about the most I could do, but…

Simplifying Your Life at Home

Great video and guest post by author of Vagabonding, Rolf Potts, over at the Four Hour Work Week blog. Pott’s book calls itself a guide to the art of long-term world travel, and this post applies some of the concepts in the book to enrich the life you lead at home, namely:
1) Time = Wealth


My family and I just returned from an extended vacation in the Carolinas where the weather at this time of the year is warm and not hot. We stayed on the ocean and for two and a half weeks, enjoyed the sea and the sun. The cool air at night was great for sleeping with…

Peace, Clarity and Success from Eastern Religions

A lot of people turn to religion to gain stability in times of stress. Buddhism is considered a religion, but I have always seen it more like a set of philosophies and life practices. Regardless of whether you are experiencing some kind of stress or pain, Buddhism practices can bring more enlightenment, peace and happiness.

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