Take Three Deep Breaths

Last year I accidentally hired a meditation coach. Seriously…. I went looking for a business coach who could help me with a specific business challenge I was experiencing and wound up engaging someone who teaches meditation.

Here’s how it happened. I combed the Internet until I found one with the background I was looking for and I thought we might have the chemistry I wanted so I set up a call to explore working with him.

What I didn’t realize was that his primary method of solving problems was through meditation.

When we got on the call and he asked me to explain what I wanted. I ran through the main points of my situation and then he stopped me. It went something like this.

Him: Eliot?
Me: Yes?
Him: Are you listening?
Me: Yes
Him: Take three deep breaths.
Me: [belly laughing] Thats hilarious.
Him: I am serious. Take three deep breaths.
Me: OK [I take three long breaths]

We ended up working together and he taught me about Bhastrika meditation techniques for which I am grateful and as it turns out he did help me out with my business challenge although not at all how I expected.

Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and everything becomes clear.

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