A Vegan Reviews the 4-Hour Body

Vegan take on the Four Hour Body

I like Tim Ferriss’ stuff and I am a big fan of life hacking so I picked up a copy of his book the 4-Hour Body. The book is as billed. It is about short cuts to a variety of physical achievements such a ripped body, running, injury recovery and even sexual performance.

In terms of some specific comments let’s start with what this book is not:

  • This is not a book for people that want to be healthy – restricting the range of foods you eat, consuming a diet with an overly high proportion of protein, and aiming for very low body fat is more about looks than being healthy.
  • Not about eating tasty food – you will find plenty of dietary suggestions for staying lean, but you will not find any recipes that will give you insight into how to enjoy the diet
  • Not for athletes – the hacks might work for temporary spurts of high performance, but sustained high performance levels in any sport require long hours of sports specific training. There is a reason olympic athletes train for years to be the best. To Ferriss’s credit, he does say upfront that this is not a book for athletes.

What this book is:

  • Opinions on Physical Triggers – This book contains some useful discussion around the cause and effect of various diets and activities
  • Notes on Injury recovery – Interesting coverage of his experience with injury recovery and prevention – I especially liked the section on hip stretches
  • Ideas for Weight loss – the slow carbs methaphor is great and he lists the foods he thinks one should avoid in order to get sub 10% body fat. Basically he advocates low glycemic, whole foods which aligns well with my vegan-paleo-ish way of eating. Like his other suggestions too, like avoid domino foods (high carb density and hard to stop after just one bite) and don’t drink your calories
  • Supplements – there are some crazy ass ideas about which supplements seemed to stimulate muscle growth or weight loss. If you are into waking up in the middle of the night to take your supplements, then you will love this section.
  • Paleo Diet- Ferriss advocates following a diet similar to the paleo diet and I think I rad somewhere online that he claims to like the Paleo theory (he even talks a little about vegan paleo but he is clearly a fan of eating meat. A lot of meat)
  • Instructions for Robotic Sex – An entertaining section on his experience learning how to make love to a woman, which was so devoid of actual love that I almost felt sorry for the guy.

I liked the 4-Hour Body for the science, but overall it is more of a book that I would keep in my bathroom than put in my library.

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