Why? Because it feels good.

Hardly a day goes by when someone doesn’t ask me why I am so committed to my exercise, diet and daily routines. Often they want to discover the science that could possibly justify what seems like such a huge sacrifice and ordeal.

My logical and dominant left brain always quickly responds that my rituals are health based, which is true, but the deeper truth is that my practices simply feel good.

When I ate meat, sugar, caffeine and processed foods they sat in my stomach and made me feel like crap, so I stopped eating them. When I exercise, I feel an awesome buzz and strength in my bones, so I find ways to run, ride, train, stretch and stress my body every day. And I get up early every day to meditate because I love the near extra sensory feeling of the quiet and the rest it provides for my brain.

Whether it is these habits or others like practicing being present, living with integrity, adventuring, getting outside my comfort zone, sharing experiences, helping others or achieving goals, there is little sacrifice or discipline and the science is secondary. I simply do things that feel good.


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