Why I Love Growing and Eating Home Sprouts

Over the last year, my diet has been migrating to a primarily raw food diet (as well as gluten free and vegan of course). These days, probably about 80% of the food I eat is raw and sprouts are one of my favorite types of food.

I grow my sprouts at home and enjoy a wide range including alfalfa, broccoli, radish, beans, peas, and sunflower. They are a great addition to salads and terrifically healthy. Most people don’t realize that during germination, seeds release valuable nutrients which are unavailable prior to sprouting. This makes sprouted seeds “nutrient dense” food which is great for getting a big payoff from a small amount of food (and keeps the calories down as well).

People think sprouting at home sounds like a lot of effort to manage or that there might be a danger of bacteria on the sprouts, but that’s not the case and it’s really not much effort at all. I have small rectangle little trays with holes on the bottom (see below).

home sprouts vegan - trays and germination

I soak a couple of table spoons of sprouts in water overnight, put them in the tray, then water them every morning and after supper and cover them. Then like magic, within 5-6 days of starting, the tiny seeds have transformed into little yellow seedlings about an inch or two high. I give them a few hours in the sun which makes them turn from yellow to green and then they are ready to be harvested and washed. One of my trays produces a big bag of sprouts. I usually have two trays going at any point in time – one just starting and one just about to be harvested. This way my wife and I are never without sprouts and our home sprouted seeds are always fresher than any sprouts we could buy in the store, plus they are super cheap and we know that they were grown without any chemicals. It’s pretty cool.



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