Fuel Second (Hydrate First)

Skipping meals can happen when you are busy, and for some people who are trying to lose weight skipping meals is a mantra, but if you want to be physically and mentally strong at all hours of he day you need a steady supply of good fuel.

For me, carbs are critical for running at optimal pace, so I start at 430 am in the morning and eat all day long. As soon as I get up, I will have two glasses of water to re-hydrate myself. Then I will have a small snack, such as an apple, slice of whole-grain bread, or some dried fruit. Then I am off to my meditation, yoga and morning workout. Afterwards, usually around 630 – 7 am, I will have a full breakfast, which often consists of either oatmeal or a spinach and berry smoothie. I like to say “every great day is built on oatmeal.”

Generally I opt for complex carbohydrates, with a low glycemic index, because I want to avoid the peak-and-crash (and this lowers my risk of developing diabetes and heart disease). I avoid all sugars and high glycemic foods. Eating a high fiber/low glycemic diet also allows my body to store and deliver a constant stream of energy to me throughout the day which is very important as I like to enjoy every moment of every day.

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